Two Guys (and their families, of course) - One Dream

Bhushan Dugade


  Executive Chef Bhushan A Dugade comes from a large joint family, where even today, every member of the family eats dinner together. Through this ritual of sorts, he saw the power of bonding over food. He realized, early on, that when people eat good food together, they live better and happier lives. He turned this realization into his passion for life. After graduating from the Institute of Advanced Management, Goa, in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bhushan was intrigued about how other cultures from around the world see their food. He took advanced courses in the culinary arts in Edinburgh and London when he was still only 22. 

London, a melting pot of global culture, was a breakthrough for him. It is here that he met and interacted with chefs and people from all parts of the world and heard stories about the origins of different cuisines and the traditions surrounding them. He honed his skills and decided to bring back the wealth of knowledge that he had collected and share with the people of his motherland.

After coming back to India, Chef Bhushan worked at prestigious hotels and restaurants in Mumbai and rose in position from Chef de Partie to Executive Chef within a very short time. Today, Chef Bhushan is the man behind the food at Regano’s and has engineered the recipes
keeping in mind what he learned all along – that tradition combined with innovation is what makes good food. And when the food is good, happiness gathers around it. 

Yashraj 'Yash' Rege


Yashraj D Rege, AKA Yash, is a clinical pharmacist, a molecular geneticist, a toxicologist, an advertising creative director, and now is following his passion of food as a career. Living in the United States for more than a decade and experiencing world food of the greatest quality, he realized that great food is only great when it stays true to its tradition and originality. In 2012, Yash answered the call of his roots in Mumbai. For a brief time, he got into advertising and discovered his creative side conceptualizing and writing for big global brands. 

A self-confessed foodie, he was not satisfied with the “world food” that he would eat during his time working in the trendiest and most globalized parts of Mumbai. Which is when he thought, the people of Mumbai deserve better. They need to eat food the way it is made and eaten – seeped in tradition and originality. The spark of Regano’s was lit.  

When he came up with the concept of Regano’s, he knew that the only person who could execute and do justice to it was Executive Chef Bhushan Dugade - a passionate, creative, and ambitious guy just like himself. Yash and Bhushan work in tandem – together envisioning a better experience for everyone who comes to Regano’s.