The essence of Regano's

Regano's Fast Casual interior design reflects the idea of 'Going back to basics'. To a simpler time.

Our interiors at Regano's have been designed to reflect our main aim: 

Going back to basics when cooking your food.

The faded brick walls, the aged look, the burnt dark wood, take you back in time - when cooking was a handcrafted process 

and not the work of automation. We are a small place with seating for up to 9 people. But we have a big heart. 

Come, dine in or take away some great real food. Of course, you can order online.

Special Events and Catering

Order burgers for your next office boardroom lunch. Corporate catering at Regano's.

Regano's is available for catering at private events: weddings, business lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 

Call us at 022 - 4971 4272 OR 022 - 4971 4472

Or write to us at

Seasonal and Local

Our ingredients are fresh, real, and locally sourced. We also do seasonal specials.

We refuse to compromise on quality at Regano's. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from farmers and producers who care about food as much as we do.

Cakes By Weight: Made to Order


Birthdays? Promotions? Anniversaries?

We've got you covered for every celebration. We make cakes to order. Give us advanced notice of when you need your cake and we will bake a splendid one, especially for you. Talk to us about great deals on cakes by weight.

Pizza By Weight

Pizza By Weight - different toppings everyday. Pizza priced according to ingredients that go on it.

At Regano's we have Pizza By Weight. It's our unique concept where we make pizzas with seasonal toppings. The pizzas are priced according to the toppings that go on them. So you can have small slices of many varieties or a huge chunk of your favourite.

Pizzas are made ready to be baked. You come in, see the price per kilo, order how much you want, we cut, weigh, and put the slices in the oven. Out comes hot and fresh pizza ready in 3-4 minutes!

The future of Regano's India

Fast Casual is just the start

We at Regano's have a vision to offer different cuisines at differently themed restaurants.

At Regano's Fast Casual in Malad West, we combine the speed of Fast Food with the quality of Casual Dining. We will keep introducing India to world food - the way it is made and tastes - while keeping our promise of real food for real foodies.

In the future restaurants to come, no matter what the cuisine is, we will always stick to the basics and make food just like it was made in the past - with the best ingredients, handcrafted, and without relying on anything cheap and/or processed.